Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Take Ten - The Gift of Friendship

What is Friendship to you?

Good friendships are vital for our em0tional and mental health. They are something we need to prioritise and something we need to treasure and nurture.

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Take Ten - The Gift of Friendship

Subtitle Slaughter

Subtitle slaughter isn't a new thing. Here are a couple of classics from the BBC ...

Now the challenge lies with so many universities who are having to record technical or scientific lectures which are appropriately subtitled.  It's an almost impossible task. 

Here are just a few that I've been made aware of recently:

'laboratories' turned in to 'bottle trees'

'ionic bond' became 'ironic bondage'   ...  not helpful.

But they get worse ...

'which is known as a vibrio' came out as 'which is known as a vibrator'

My personal favourite, though I probably shouldn't admit it so publicly (oops too late)

'we have got an s orbital' became 'we have got this arsehole'

Friday, 16 October 2020

Photo Caption Competition - week 1

OPEN to all Medway Campus students and staff.

Your chance to win a £10 Amazon voucher.

Submit your name, university email address
and caption suggestion to:
before midnight on Thursday, Oct 22nd 2020.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Photo Caption Competition


TEN opportunities to win a £10 Amazon voucher 😂😂

OPEN to all Medway Campus students and staff.

Starting TOMORROW, October 16th 
we will post an image here on the Blog, 
on our Medway Campus Chaplaincy Facebook page
and by poster outside the Chaplaincy office (PK004)

You have one week to submit your name,
university email address and caption suggestion to:



Scams are a Criminal Offense!!!

Unfortunately, students are often the target of a variety of scams.  So, please beware!!

If someone is offering you money or asking for money
- DON'T RESPOND without checking it out first. 

NEVER give out ANY personal information
without checking first. 

Some classic scams involve notification of a tax refund,
or a job offer coming out of the blue.


from Chaplaincy or Student Union or our Campus PCSO

For more information check:
Money Saving Expert website

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Take Ten - Kindness Counts

The United Nations have declared October 17th, each year, as an International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  

I really believe that the characteristic of KINDNESS is what needs to be at the heart of our response to all aspects of poverty in our world.

Taken when I worked on the garbage dump in Guatemala City,
where many refugees risked daily exposure to toxic fumes
and biohazardous materials to sort through endless rubbish
for items that could be sold or re-cycled for cash.

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Take Ten - Kindness Counts